How to Be a Dart Pro

5 Jan

Playing darts is a great way to gather with your companions and engage in a little friendly competition. Whether you’re serious about the game or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, McIntyre’s wants to provide you with a little information and skill to get you started!

We hope by the time you are done reading this, you can tell your friends how to play darts over your next round at McIntyre’s.

The Most Common Game

Darts is a popular pub sport that is most commonly played in the United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland and the United States. While there are many variations of games that can be played with darts, the most common game is one with numbers ending in -01.

The player will throw three darts at the board, to reduce a fixed score such as 501, 301, to zero, with the final dart landing in the bull’s-eye or a double segment. This game is usually played between two players, or two teams taking turns to throw three darts each.

Skills and Techniques

Now that you’re ready to play the game, it is time to learn some tips on how to be a champ at the game!

The Grip

Your grip must be solid and relaxed. The grip should be stable and firm, yet must not put tension on the muscles of your fingers. Many mistakes are made during the game if your grip is too firm.

Aim and direct! The most important part of your grip is that you must be able to keep the end of the dart point facing up, aiming at your target.

Use at least three fingers, to provide you more regulation and control for speed and acceleration. Finger coordination is essential for release.

The Stance

In life you will constantly be told to put your best foot forward. Well, in the case of darts, your right foot is your best foot. When aiming, a player should set an even line of their eye, dart and target.

The Throw

Be sure to distribute your weight. When beginning to assume your stance, your weight will mainly rest on the forward foot. Regardless of how you choose to distribute your weight, your posture should remain firm and unshakeable. The front foot should remain on the ground of the floor.

The more you lean forward, the closer you will reach the board however, the more unbalanced your throw will become.

When throwing, it may be natural to lift your leg, but we encourage you to resist the urge. Lifting your leg when throwing may cause you to lose your balance.

Now that you’re equipped with all the dart knowledge you could possibly need, come visit us in Toms River! If you’re already a champ, remember Tuesday nights in the fall and spring are dart league nights! With some time until spring, you’ll have plenty of time to practice! ‘Like’ on Facebook to find out more about our pub!


McIntyre’s Serves up History of Guinness

16 Dec

McIntyre’s, in Toms River, New Jersey, is your friendly neighborhood pub serving up great beer including Guinness! This famous brew is a favorite of many pub goers. Where does Guinness come from? What is the history of this stout?

Guinness Company is an Irish created dry stout brew, which was first introduced in Arthur Guinness’s brewery, which is located in Dublin. The Guinness brand is replicated from a porter style brew created in London, during the early 18th century, which has been brewed worldwide, and is one of the most popular beer brands.

One of the most recognizable features in Guinness is the stout flavor, which offers a burnt taste, due to the use of roasted unmalted barley. For several years of its production, the beer was also mixed with products that made for a sharp lactic flavor, giving it a milky taste.

For Guinness drinkers, it is a taste that does take time to get used to, due to the tang which occurs during the blending of the beer. Due to the mixture of nitrogen when the beer is being poured, you will also get a thick head at the top of a pint. Not only is Guinness one of the most popular beers in Ireland, but it has become a favorite worldwide as well.
In 1759 when Arthur began brewing ales, a lease was later signed on December 31 for an unused brewery, then ten years later in 1796, Guinness was first exported, when 6.5 half barrels were shipped to Great Britain. In 1997 the company merged with Grand Metropolitan PLC, making it a multinational conglomerate!

Guinness is also believed to have been the first stout produced, and the term stout originally described the beer’s strength, later was changed to mean the color. A dark porter was produced by Guinness in 1778. These were the first brews in the line to use the terms single or double stout. Through history Guinness has produced and exported porter (or single,) double (or extra,) and foreign stouts.
The stout is made with hops, yeast, water, and barley; it is later treated with isinglass finings. Part of the barley used is roasted, in order for the beer to take on its darker color and taste that it is well known for. The beer is then filtered and pasteurized. And, although many believe it is higher in caloric content, the imperial pint is only 198 calories per drink. Until the 1950s, the beer was still placed in wooden casks, and during the early 1960s it made its way in to aluminum kegs to replace the old brew style.

Come down to McIntyre’s for a pint of Guinness or one of our many other beers! We’re having fun every night of the week with live music, karaoke and Pub Stumpers trivia or just hanging out and watching sports enjoying traditional pub fare such as corned beef & cabbage, shepherd’s pie and fish & chips.”Like” us on Facebook for updates about events and fun news!

McIntyre’s Pub Rocks the Jersey Shore

1 Sep

McIntyre’s Pub, in Toms River, New Jersey, loves all kinds of music including rock, country, alternative country, groove and psychedelia, celtic, blues and jazz. Whatever you jam to, McIntyre’s will have live bands that you’ll love. Our Original Music Showcase every Thursday night features talented local bands, but we have live music many other nights of the week showcasing local, national, and international musicians. Check out some of our bands that regularly rock McIntyre’s stage.

Big Baby Ernie – A funk, rock and soul band based in Seaside Heights, NJ, influenced by many artists including The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor and Elton John.

Boothill Express – This band was formed in 2004 in Ocean County, NJ. The band members consist of several seasoned Jersey Shore musicians rocking to the Great Classic Rock, American Rock and Southern Rock songs, including material from The Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clapton and the Eagles.

Matt Noffsinger Band – A Classic and Modern Rock band that has quickly gained popularity
while performing along the Jersey Shore for more than ten years. The band is headed by lead singer and guitar player Matt Noffsinger. The Matt Noffsinger Band plays an extremely diverse and unique style of classic and modern rock entertaining listeners of all ages.

Matt O’Ree – Matt is an artist who has been working blues-rock since he was a teenager. He has a foundation rooted by influences such as Albert King, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Matt has played in various bands, allowing him to fine tune his genuine skill.

Temporary Grace – The band wrote, recorded and played original music for many years, and now Temporary Grace plays covers of alternative, grunge and pop music from the 90’s and today along with great renditions of some of rock’s classics. High-energy live performances capture the crowd’s attention.

Shawn Mars Invasion – Shawn Mars began as a guitarist and songwriter for several NJ and NY based bands but eventually found a place as a lead singer, songwriter and guitarist. If you’re looking to rock, you’re check out Shawn Mars.

The Mike Dalton Band – This band, categorized as mellow rock, has released four albums featuring four bands members with an incredible amount of experience including opening up for Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.

Katfish Lucy – This blues, rock and reggae band hails from Manasquan, NJ, entertaining crowds all over the Jersey Shore. A unique blend of five musicians, this band has an eclectic sound for a variety of listeners.

McIntyre’s loves bringing the Jersey Shore great live music all week long. To make it a real party, we have daily beer and drink specials! What could be better than great music and $2 beer with your friends and family? Visit McIntyre’s Pub for a complete calendar to check out these great bands. Come early for dinner, order a Bud Light and let McIntyre’s entertain you!

A Brief History of the Irish Pub

10 Jun

There is nothing like going to your local pub and meeting up with friends, listening to awesome music and having a cold one. It has become a big part of our culture, and in some cases, a central part of our community. But how did pubs become THE place to go?

The term Pub is short for public house – a place where people could enter without a membership.  During the middle ages, people of the upper class created private clubs that required a membership.  The public houses gave the hard working lower class a place of their own.  Not only was the Pub a gathering place where one could enjoy ale, but it also sold essentials like food and hardware items. The lower class would gather to socialize, sing, tell stories, and exchange gossip and rumors.

While the history of the Pub started all over Europe, Irish Pubs are still considered the best, and versions of the Irish Pub can be found all over the world.  During the 19th century under a very oppressive British rule, Irish pubs were banded. Because of the aggressive and independent spirit of the Irish, this is the time when Pubs really began to flourish.  The Irish rebels would gather to complain, release frustrations, and to coordinate underground rebellions.

And what would an Irish Pub be today without Guinness? Guinness is a dry stout that was first brewed in the 1759 by Arthur Guinness in Dublin, Ireland.  Arthur started by brewing Dublin ale, but soon moved on to porters. By the 19th century, Guinness focused it’s brewing on stout alone.  Within 10 years, Guinness was exported to England and became known as Guinness Stout.  By the close of the 19th century, Guinness was the largest brewery in the world.  Guinness Stout is now available in 150 countries.  The beer is characterized by its dark color that was acquired through the roasted barley used during the brewing process.  The thick creamy head is the result of the nitrogen mix being added during the serving process.

For more than seven years, McIntyre’s Pub in Toms River, NJ has fit the standard for the definition of the Irish Pub.  With a great local atmosphere, it’s no wonder this place has the best night life of the area.  There is something for everyone here: more than 20 TVs so you can catch all the local and national sports games as well as UFC fights, pool tables, darts, karaoke, live music, Pub Stumpers trivia, and more!  They even showcase some of the best local all original bands around.  And don’t forget the food and beer!  With traditional pub fare like shepherd’s pie and fish & chips, as well as craft beers and 19 beers on tap, there is something for everyone here.  Nightly specials on food and drinks will fit anyone’s budget.  This truly is the place to be.  Their motto rings true:  One hundred thousand welcomes, that’s McIntyre’s Pub.